In the Administration for Hydrometeorological Affairs released is in use Solar test center, a laboratory in which it is tested the quality of the solar collectors, the first project of another such type of the Balkans.
The investment be worth 300,000 euros and were realized three years as part of the bilateral cooperation between governments of Macedonia and Austria.
- Solar technology to go change for the way in the supply of energy, It reduce large dependence of fuels, go improves the air quality and the GI decreases the emissions of greenhouse gases. It will help to Macedonian solar industry and stimulate the economy through the opening of new jobs, in solar production and installation, said Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Supply Aco Spasenoski before the opening of the Laboratory.
Spasenoski said that the test center will also have our commercial character, that it will be commercial working with their services, not only from domestic users but also from those of the region.
Austrian ambassador to Macedonia Alois Kraud underlined that the renewable sources of energy is of particular importance today, especially because of today's energy crisis. He said that the Macedonia as a candidate country for membership in the European Union, from this aspect, has to fulfill the European standards.
- Macedonia needs and we are confident that it can meet European go high standards in relation of solar energy and at the same time to increase it energy independence, and with that go to improve the standards of living environment, said Kraud.


Last revision   25-11-2012